Friday 14th April


Troll Metal 1Friday, the end of the week.  We can finally relax and clear our mind with a festive  evening in view. It would be a shame to miss what Thor has brought us to hammer out our hectic life!  A program entirely devoted to good and kooky humor,  just the way we like it. Nothing but great artists!  Whatever  the huge gap between a Celtic fiesta, the "Cyber Steam Punk" or  the hilarious barbarism when "Fantasy" rhymes with " being happy"! What do you reckon?









Naheulband (f) 

A great classic not to be missed!  Honestly,  Trolls & Legends can ‘t do  without the Naheulband.  It would be like Thai cabbage without scampi’s, do you get the idea?
The band is an undisputed reference in the world of "Fantasy".  As Tolkien claimed in "Harry Potter against the elastic man": The silence that follows a concert of Naheulband is still Naheulband!  A legend with unalterable success that will transport you into a festive, burlesque and heady universe.

Magoyond (f) 

This explosive Parisian quintet defines his music as "Rock Zombie". A hybrid genre between the Steampunk and the French alternative rock of the 80/90ies  (Les Garçons Bouchers, Les Sheriff, Ludwig Von 88, ...).  A music with a strong scent of electricity and crazy humor.
Big pals of the Naheulband, those artists could even spoil us unexpectedly ... Wait a minute, I am just being  told  that a small jam session between the two bands is more than likely . Great! We say yes!

The Dolmen (uk)

They come from Great Britain which, as the name of the band suggests it,  is greater than Brittany, sorry Britain. These  mad druids are in charge of transforming  the "Mons Expo" into a new Stonehenge!  No need to say that you might lose your braccae. We are expecting an enormous Celtic fiesta! Be prepared and plan plenty  of barley beer. These Englishmen are crazy!


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