Fiona McIntosh (uk) - Guest Of Honnor

Born in 1960, Fiona McIntosh grew up and worked in England until she left for Australia.  Her carrier in tourism led her to travel the planet before establishing herself as a full-time writer. With her husband and her two sons, she now shares her life between the city of Adelaide and the wilderness of Tasmania.

She is the author of the following series Trinity (Betrayal, Revenge, Destiny), Shapeshifter (Severo’s Intent, Saxten’s Secret, Wolf Lair, King of the Beasts), The Lavender Keeper (The Lavender Keeper, The French Promise).
In addition to those Fantasy series, she also wrote children's books and under the name of Lauren Crow, detective novels (Jack Hawksworth series)  .
She will cross half of the globe to sign books  at Trolls & Legends Festival. We feel very honored and are very thankful to her.




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