As usual, the game convention will propose a "proto-zone" to test future games. The proto-zone  will be dedicated to anyone who wants to present prototypes to a curious public.

Several illustrators from the world of games will be there for autographs (cards, roleplay games and board games). A new area is now dedicated to roleplay games. More than 180 gameplays will be organised during the whole week-end.

Don't forget our Troll d'Or, a competition about painting and sculpting  figurines. Several competitions are planned.                                                                                            

Many publishers, clubs, associations, toys and specialized stores will be on the festival




Christophe Bauer (f)

Accustomed to the podiums of the most prestigious competitions, he works as an independent painter and sculptor since 2007. He works for professional studios but also for private associations. This year, he will be a member of the Troll d'Or 2017 jury. By the way he is the creator of the trophy which will be awarded to various artists at the festival.





Yannick Hennebo 

Yannick Hennebo is a sculptor inspired by the Rackham movement. He works today for the biggest: Studio Mac Vey (Kingdom Death), Paolo Parente (Dust1947) and lastly on the KS of Mythic Battles: Pantheon or that of Conan at Monolith.










Patrick Masson 

Member of the Troll d'Or Competition jury  (painting and sculpture of figurines), he is one of the most talented sculptors of his generation. He works for all the big names requiring  figurines, among which Dark Age, CoolMiniOrNot, Smart Max, l'Alambic Miniature,... 













Loïc Muzy (f)


Loïc Muzy aka Green Cat est un graphiste qui a illustré OrcQuest (le jeu de carte), Eden (le jeu de figurines), les jeux de société dont les Lames du Cardinal, Mythic Battle (les deux versions dont celle avec les figurines), Sang Rancune (Iello), mais aussi les jeux de rôles suivants : Bimbo, l’Appel de Cthulhu chez Sans-Détour…





Eric Nieudan

Il vous parlera de son dernier projet de jeu de rôle en cours Macchiato Monsters.

Eric is a writer (L'Archipel des Nuées, Cheval de Troie), a stunt actor appearing in the serie of Vikings and  a comic book writer (Les seigneurs de Cornwall, T3). He is an author and screenwriter of role plays (Star Drakkar, Post-Mortem : Donjonia, dK System, Studio Kortex, Le jeu d’aventures de Lanfeust et du monde de Troy, Archipels, Feng Shui...).
He worked in the role play for the XII singes, Di6dent magazine, Oriflam, John Doe, Soleil, Casus Belli and Annunaki. He has also scripted video games (Warhammer, Age of Reckoning Dark Age of Camelot: Labyrinth of the Minotaur, Silverfall).
He will tell you about his latest role-playing project Macchiato Monsters.




Pascal Quidault (f)

Illustrator, Pascal Quidault will be present for autographs during the whole weekend  in the game section. As well as a dozen other great artists, his works will also be exhibited in the exhibition section. He has worked on Splendor, T.I.M.E. Stories et Hit Z Road. 





Olivier Trocklé (f)


Olivier Trocklé, alias El Théo is a graphic designer and comic artist. Amateur games with figurines (from Heroquest to Confrontation) and an experienced gambling player, he worked then on the collections of Extraordinary Worlds Studio, the 12 Singes on Solipcity, the Editions Sans-Détour on the Appel de Cthulhu , BP4P On Wushu and Pulp Fever on Luchadores.


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