Black Painting Society 

The Black painting society is a figurines painting club that meets on Sundays, once or twice a month . They are members of Esprit Joueur, a games club in Mons.
The goal of the club is to gather to share tips and tricks about figurines so that anyone can learn and progress at his own pace, according to his personal goals.
They will be on show during the weekend, to present their most beautiful masterpieces and will give you pieces of advise to you.







This Lyon association will introduce you to a new way of doing role playing. Chrysalis is a hybrid role-playing game, which was developed by an amateur together with a community of developers, artists, and some students of an artistic school.
Chrysalis is a free and innovative role-playing game for 3 to 10 players and their game master (s). It takes place in a world tinted with Steampunk, Renaissance and Baroque. Players embody secret agents, trained in a planetary epic mixing espionage, psychological games, and high technologies.
To unravel the mystery of ancestral relics, they will have to navigate between a web portal full of features and media, and life-size encounters. An epic mystery night is scheduled to end the adventure.




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