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For its 7th edition, Trolls & Légendes once again wears its most precious  jewelries and pearls.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, during three full days, more than 30 authors will be at Trolls & Légendes to show and share their brightest bubbles with you.
Whether with ink or pencil,  in full color or black & white -Trolls, dwarfs, elves and dragons will be materialized on white pages, at your request, just for your own pleasure. You will leave the festival with an indelible gift in your favorite albums. Scriptwriters and cartoonists from Europe and  overseas will sign your comic books ... some of them in Belgium, not to say in Europe, for the very first time in their career ...


Check plan and schedules for more info.


Focus on our Belgian authors and Iberian talents

Spread over the 3 days, some authors either already well known either to be discovered, will surprise you with their talent. Olivier Grenson, Jérémy, Benn, Louise Joor, David Boriau, among many others, will give you all their time for an unforgettable moment.

Special attention is given to Spanish authors in collaboration with AC / E (Accion Cultural Espagnola). Kyko Duarte, Jesus Hervas, José Luis Munuera and Francis Porcel will demonstrate the culture of their beautiful country.

By Thor and Odin!

This edition without Thorgal and his various universes was out of question! Thus, Roman Surzhenko will draw his most beautiful vikings of all the legends of the North: Louve and Kriss de Valnor, nothing less. Emmanuel Michalak and Pierre-Denis Goux will show their Viking universe in their saga Aslak and Mjöllnir.

Trollen en Legenden

Our northern compatriots are not to be forgotten. Indeed, our partner "la librairie Bédébile" will propose different series in Dutch.

In addition, Fabio Bono will come to sign De Rode Ridder, the mythical serie in Batavian country. Fabio has taken over the serie with powerful talent maintaining the same great success after 250 volumes.

Several contests

Contests will be organized for the public queuing for autographs in the edition section. In collaboration with Dargaud, Glénat and Soleil-Delcourt, comics fans are bound to win nice souvenirs.

More information available at the information stand or here below


Comics Guest of Honnor

Christophe Arleston (f) 

Christophe Arleston (or Scotch Arleston) is a comic book writer born in Aix-en-Provence on August 14, 1963. He studied at the Marseille School of Journalism, graduating in 1987. He then worked as a journalist and responsible of communication. He made his debut as a comic writer for the Circus magazine (Glénat), then his first album, Manie Swing, with the publisher Alpen. He issued his first two series of importance, Les Maîtres cartographes and Léo Loden,  published in 1992 by Soleil. They were soon followed by the three volumes of Les Feux d'Askell.
 It was in 1994 that the first volume of his most famous series was released: Lanfeust de Troy.
 As a prolific writer, Christophe Arleston multiplied his masterpieces in various genres, from fantasy to polar, from science fiction to history with usually humor as the common thread. His biggest commercial successes remained nevertheless in the field of Fantasy. In 2011, he signed for the first time a comic book script with his real name, Christophe Pelinq. That was the first album of the series Chimère(s) 1887. In 2016, ActuSF published his first novel, The Dinner of the Hexes, a tale of fantasy tinged with humor. Arleston has by now created more than 170 pieces of work.
For the first time in his career, Christophe Arleston does us the honor to come to Trolls & Legends.




Jean-Luc Istin (f) 



Jean-Luc Istin is born on 1 August 1970 in Pontivy in the Morbihan. In November 1997, his first publication as a scriptwriter and illustrator took place in a collective "BD-Clip" published by Creative Zone. He then created 4 pages.  In 1999 he created Merlin, designed by Eric Lambert. He was the initiator of a collection of Breton tales which he named “ Les Contes du Korrigan “ as he is very attached to Brittany. Following the success of this series, Jean-Luc Istin imagined then  a collection of stories named “ Celtic Sun” which gathers today no less than 17 titles.
In 2013, he created the series “ Elfes”,  a concept  of 5 types of elves, 5 screenwriters, 5 cartoonists, 1 single universe. Then  the series “ The Masters Inquisitors” and “Dwarfs” soon followed.
Jean-Luc Istin is a writer with multiple talents,  a real craftsman of the 9th art. He is one of our guests of honor for this 7th edition of the festival.
At Trolls & Légendes, he will be accompanied by his wife Laurence who is a colorist.




Roman Surzhenko (ru) 

Roman Surzhenko was born in Taganrog (Russia) in 1972. In 1994, he was graduated from the University of his hometown, and for several years worked as an illustrator for various Russian publishers (Joy, Rosman, Phoenix & The Kid). In 2001,he went for comic strips and joined the group Aventures Magnifiques.Two years later, he starts working at Advance-Press, a Muscovite label and for the Ukrainian magazine K9.In 2010, spotted by Humanoïdes Associés, he entered the French-speaking market and signed the final drawings of La Meute de l'enfer, a series written by Philippe Thirault.With Novy, he then goes on with Les Carnets secrets du Vatican, at the Soleil Editions. In 2011, he made his official entry to Le Lombard, with Louve, the second series derived from the Worlds of Thorgal, written by Yann.

Still for this same collection, and always in the company of Yann, it publishes, in 2013, the first episode of The Youth of Thorgal.


Autograph System

  • the festival bookstore opens when the Festival is open.
  • An autograph ticket is compulsory to get a drawing. This ticket will be obtained when purchasing of an album of your choice at the bookstore, partner of the Festival.
  • You receive a ticket for the author of your choice with the purchase of an album. By author, only one ticket per person is allowed. Two MAXIMUM autograph tickets will be given per visitor  at the bookseller's stand.
  • If a person wants a second autograph from the same author, the person must have a second ticket and therefore go back to the bookseller.
  • Tickets are numbered and identified with the author's name. Moreover, each day they will have a different color.
  • The order of passage to the dedications strictly follows the order of arrival in the queue.
  • Dedications on white paper or guestbook are not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to leave a bag in the queue to secure one's  place. All bags left unattended  will be removed by the organizers and be brought at the info stand. The organizers are not responsible for the damage caused to those bags. All bags that are not picked up by  the end of the festival will be handed over to the police.
  • The organizers are not responsible for the last minute cancellations or the possible delays of the authors.

Audrey Alwett (f) 


Nicolas Bara (f) 


Benn (b) 


Fabio Bono (it)

Jean-Paul Bordier (f) 


David Boriau (b)

Pierre-Mony Chan (f) 


Stéphane Collignon (f) 

Stéphane Créty (f)

Damien (f)  


Thomas Day (f) 

Nicolas Demare (f) 


Renaud Dillies (f)

Kyko Duarte (esp)

Pierre-Denis Goux (f)

Olivier Grenson (b)

Jesus Hervas (e)

Jeremy (b)

Louise Joor (b)

Jessica Jung (f)

Augustin Lebon (f)

Olivier Ledroit (f)

Gwendal Lemercier (f)

Jérôme Lereculey (f)

Gwendal Lemercier (f)

Looky (f)

Patricia Lyfoung (f)

Gianluca Maconi (it)

Maliki (f)

Stefano Martino (it)

Florent Maudoux (f)

Emmanuel Michalak (f)

Mike (f)


Mobidic (f)

Jose Luis Munuera (esp)

Nadou (f)

Philippe Ogaki (f) 

Alice Picard (f)

Francis Porcel (esp)

petit picto web copie 

Michel Rodrigue (f)

Rémi Torregrossa (f)

Nathalie Vessillier (f)

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