A festival accessible to all 

A few details to start with ... "PMR" is the abbreviation that designates "Persons with reduced mobility". The term "person with reduced mobility" means any person confronted with the difficulty of traveling and is subjected to obstacles which cannot be overcome alone or with great difficulty. Mobility difficulties may also be related to age, illness, temporary situation (a pregnant woman, a person charged with commissions, or even the simple carrying of luggage), such as temporary or permanent disability (Illness, blindness, a person traveling on crutches or wheelchairs).
Trolls & Légendes wishes to set a real focus on that matter in 2017.

With the collaboration of Passe-Muraille,  the Friends of the Blinds and the support of the Walloon Region, special attention will be given to the accessibility and welcome of people with reduced mobility or disability.


The actions taken are divided into three axes. They aim to adapt the infrastructures on the one hand, to provide adequate welcome on the other hand and finally to propose activities accessible to all in all the poles of the festival.



A PMR car park
Sufficient parking spaces will be reserved near the front door. Stewards will make sure they remain available for those who need them and avoid incivility. Volunteers may  help PMR people to access the festival whenever needed.

A quick access lines for PMR
Quick access lines for PMR to entrances, tokens, ...

A PMR podium
A large podium will be installed in the concert hall to allow everyone to enjoy the show in the best conditions. 

Easy circulation
Since 2015, the aisles inside the festival have been significantly enlarged to ease the visitors flows in all directions.  We will ensure that there are no obstacles on paths.

Specific orientation signs.
Signs allowing an easier orientation inside and outside the festival will be foreseen. It will be placed above the crowd to be easily spotted.

Wheel chairs
A couple of wheelchairs are available. Some of them were "customized" in a Fantasy way by the children of the Recreational Actions Assciation.

Enlarged plans
Plans of the festival, in an enlarged format for easier reading and orientation, are available at the information stand.

Program brochure and practical information, translated into Braille
A specific brochure containing all practical information and  info about "more accessible" activities will be available at the reception desk. It will also be translated into Braille.


A tailored welcome

A team of thirty volunteers, easily recognizable with their green T-shirt,  has been exclusively set up to a dedicate welcome to our PMR visitors. Two specific training sessions are to be organized by Passe-Muraille and Les Amis des Aveugles to ensure that the proposed welcome meets the needs of the target audience. 

Volunteers are recruited amongst educators and nursing students. Thanks to an agreement with the Haute Ecole Hainaut-Condorcet, the trainings followed by these students and their performances as volunteers  on the festival can be considered  as a learning activity on their school curriculum.

Finally, in collaboration with the SAPHA of Mons, Trolls & Légendes mixes within its teams of volunteers, people with disabilities.  The latter can thus experience  the festival "from the inside".  It was a great success in the previous edition. We are therefore delighted to reiterate this experiment.


Activities accessible to everyone in every artistic domain

A large podium will be installed in the concert hall to allow everyone to enjoy the show in the best conditions. Volunteers will assist with the installation and will avoid incivility.

Literature – Comic Strips
A publisher will offer books adapted for visually impaired children. "Readings in the dark" performed by authors or comedians will leave room for imagination. Note that two PMR authors will be present on the publishing area.

A tactile 3D exhibition, using only the sense of touch, will be presented. The new space dedicated to the exhibition will allow easier circulation for people in wheelchairs.

The association AccessiJeux will animate classic games tables, adapted to visually impaired people. The objective of these tables is to mix both visually impaired and the non-impaired visitors. In order to achieve this,  all the suggested games are adapted without, however, being denatured. All adapted games will be available for sale (upon order).

An area will be reserved in the projection  and conferences room for people in wheelchairs. Volunteers will help to access and install if necessary.
Several projections will be done with audio-description. Make sure to check schedules.

Several storytelling sessions will be translated into sign language. Make sure to check schedules.

Fairy Market
This year, the external part of the market will be developed in order to be accessible to PMR.

Many thanks to all our partners who helped us in this amazing project.


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