About us

Trolls & Légendes is an asbl, a non-profit organisation under the belgian law. It was established in 2005 with the purpose to organize  a biennial festival in order to promote Fantasy in all arts: Literature, Comics, Music, Games, Cinema, Exhibition and Animations.

The festival  allows thus many artists to come to exercise their talent  and therefore establish their notoriety. The festival also offers a vast fairy market, focusing on  a varied and high quality craftsmanship.

Since several editions, it seems  more and more important to Trolls & Legends to organize a festival accessible to all. All actions put in place for that purpose regarding the 2017 edition are fully detailed on the PMR tab.

As a matter of fact, Trolls & Legends  does not aim to make profits, but it still has to achieve a balanced budget through a  strict and sensible management.  Any profits generated are fully  reinvested in the organization of the next edition.

Trolls & Legends is totally based on volunteering.  All the members of the Trolls & Légendes association, the organizers of the festival, are entirely volunteers. None of them receives  neither remuneration nor expenses. This implies that the organizers have a professional activity that is not related to the festival. By passion, and sometimes abnegation, all dedicate their free time, their evenings, their weekends and even part of their holidays to design and organize the festival Trolls & Legend.

Trolls & Legends is also a mass of devoted and enthusiastic volunteers. Without them, holding such an event would not be possible. This is the reason why, for its tenth anniversary, Trolls & Legends  choose to thank them and  all the profits from the 2015 edition were spent on a party  entirely dedicated to them.


Trolls & Légendes does indeed collaborate with many  goods or services providers  against remuneration.  It therefore generates economic activity for the region and even beyond. Trolls & Legends thinks the best of this matter of facts. Finally, Trolls & Légendes wishes to thank its many partners who contributed to the realization of the current and all previous editions.

 Over the years, many other fantasy-oriented festivals have developed across Europe. Trolls & Legends is delighted about it! Diversity has always implied cultural wealth.


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